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room for houshmandzadeh, mark clayton was traded to st. louis. a former first-round draft pick, he had a career low 34 receptions and only one catch in two playoff games. mark clayton caught to enter 34 passes and 12 touchdowns but never had a 1,000 yard -- never emerged as a no. 1 receiver. >> he will definitely be ready to go in week one. he will start working on the play but tomorrow. he's been in the system before once or twice. mark clayton, at lot of chance to talk to the rams about him today. they're very excited to have them. >> huge crowds at the stadium -- we cannot show you the highlights of the game still in progress but right now, the navy -- the navy has fumbled the ball three times a year the goal line. we will hear from both teams and show you highlight tonight at 11:00. one day after getting his 900 clear when coming as first shot at the yankees since taking over as orioles manager. the orioles open the season with a 4-3 win in the bronx. not anymore -- alex rodriguez, his 22nd home run of the season. fifth just like that, tied one apiece. all tied at 3. the orioles co
stretch the field. speaking of big hits, mark clayton did snail. he had to leave the game with a mild concussion. -- mark clayton gets nailed. it is starting to get a little thin. john harbaugh is a smart guy. he is not taking any chances with his key players. >> we are going to be very judicious with our guys. we will make sure we come out of this thing is healthy as we can. we have some guys playing that will be important to us. they have made the team and are going to have to play in this game. >> you have to love the way the orioles are playing right now, 17 wins in the month of august, the most they have had and one month since september 2004. no doubt but showalter is making a difference. a big challenge tonight at the art basing the red sox. the record against the birds is an amazing 12-0. last night they got a little bit of everything in beating the red sox. the offense flexing their muscles in the eighth. look scott and felix boat launching solo shots in the inning. for scott, that was no. 26, a career high for them. the final score was 5-2. with the rosters expanding today,
clayton has been traded to the st. louis rams for a draft pick. love mark clayton, what a class act he was. the ravens cut former heisman trophy winner. and the ravens kickoff the season monday night, they will be up there in jersey to take on the jets. game time will be at 7:00. and the orioles won for the first time this year in new york. beat the yankees 4-3. brian with his 8th win of the year. clutch hit from brian roberts. pitched a perfect 9th inning and really the orioles now are plain spoilers between the yanks and the rays. >> the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, everyone. we are going to start you off on the right foot with lots of sunshine as we go throughout the day. we are going to warm things up. check out your seven-day forecast. a high around 87 degrees. so that is a bit warmer from yesterday and as we go into wednesday, still more of the same. that cold front is going to move through. it's going to be a dry one. we won't be seeing too much rain with that. by thursday and friday, we'll be droppin
-- offense or team that we want to build. those are our kind of guys. >> they traded mark clayton. he had 34 interceptions. he only caught one pass in the playoffs. he never really developed into a top receiver with the ravens, but he will have the chance to do that in st. louis with sam bradford. for the second time in 50 years, maryland and navy faced each other on the football field here in baltimore. the tarps bang had the win -- terps had the win, 17-14. a crowd of under 70,000 -- many of them in dress whites -- made the most of the exceptional weather and the holiday. davin meggett -- 105 yards rushing. maryland 14-0. ricky dobbs called inside of the five the three times. -- fumbled inside of the 53 times. times. three it came down to fourth and goal in the final two minutes. marilyn's defense holds and they s defense7--- maryland' holds and they win it, 17-14. they were happy with that. >> when we got to 14-14 i said, this is what i am talking about. it is extreme. who is one to win? are you going to tuck your tail? >> he has develop faster than the digital photographs since buck show
and receiver mark clayton was the one to go. the former first round pick was3 traded toothe st. louis rams in exxhange for an undisclosed3 draft pick. he becomes a part of the receiving core. and i'm kristen berset, fox 45 morning news. >>> coming up in our 6:00 hour, the maryland primary elections are just one week away. a political analyst takes a looo at the key races people will be following. %-working to extinguish a house ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries. ♪ ú% >>> i actualll got an emergency alert on my cell phone. >>> attacks at college park, what students are being told to do to stay safe. >>> person who is payiig the bill needs to be the personn33ú getting tte alert. >> payinggfor youu kids to check overseas. how many thousands of dollars one mom was charged. helping
at the receiver position. e.s.p.n. also reporting that the ravens have now traded receiver mark clayton to the st. louis rams. >>> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> they have got a game down at m and t bank today, tight game. >> exciting news for the ravens. we're thinking about the crab bowl right now, what's their -- >> crab cakes and football, that's what maryland does. >> down in baltimore today. >> yeah. >> this is just awesome. tied up 14-14, check it out. these dragon boats are going to huddle up here christian, run a play or something. but we're definitely looking at a nice downtown for the big game. huge crowd, great day to tailgate, 80 degrees right now, humidity 47% and winds light and southeast at 8 miles per hour. not enough wind to affect the kicking game, at least it shouldn't. and i do want to show you some of those highs today, again it was pretty balmy out there, many spots into the lower 80s, but before i even or after i even get into that lets show you a couple other spots of interest. annapolis 77 degrees r
, wide receiver mark clayton has been traded to the st. louis rams for a draft pick and on saturday they cut quarterback troy smith the former ohio state stand out will be replaced on the roster by hunter can't well. orioles taking on the yanks today in the bronx. top 7, score tied at 3. r.b.i. single, off a.j. burnett, corey patterson makes it into give you the fourth. really that's all they would need the orioles take the series opener as buck show walter returns to the bronx. now 20-13 since buck took over as manager. >> swing and a miss, strikes out. cano on an off speed. >> officiating today's game mr. basement. >> penalty on the homeowner. nasty crawl space. >> crawl space moisture can lead to all kind of issues from rotting floorboards to mold and negotiations. thanks to mr. basement. . >>> tomorrow on "good morning maryland," getting pregnant doesn't come easy for everyone. we take a look at how donor eggs are helping people start a family. that plus weather, traffic and a whole lot more coming up tomorrow on good morning maryland. >> abc 2 works for the community, a proud
mark clayton to the rams. how about the orioles? the beat the yankees. brian matusz won. made one bad pitch to alex rodriguez. you make a bad pitch to him, steroids or not, he is going to hit it out. and he did. here is an issue tinplate. "you take it. i got." mark teixeira scores. the orioles come back to when it. what difference brian roberts has made since he has come back. brian detect out in the rundown. the orioles beat the yankees 4- 3. you have to love that. >> thank you. 66 degrees on tv hill. much more to come in the next half-hour. >> an overnight fire disrupt traffic and displaces some seniors. details are next. >> bob ehrlich releases in his first campaign and. we take a closer look at the promises he is making. >> the crashed on the outer loop west side is causing quite a delay. >> we have a touch of summer back in the forecast. we have a tropical storm last it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake. no, i've actually lost weight... [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. [ wife ] babe... i gotta
as anybody. give mark clayton a huge round of aplows. i mean that sincerely for all he did, giving it up on a weekly basis, let's not forget his contribution. now we got a pocketful of draft picks. it's all good. >> we're live in catonsville at you scream ice cream. we'll tell you why we're here, an honor for this family-run business. we got the story when the eyewitness news morning edition eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,, twitheehr flyreshed bak ge bal tw fistsnlor o,y $3 ke li d ouricelioewus n ma totoil bas weor shoet ctecolahi cp, g sothrab ree 3 for y.toda [ ding! ] >>> another nice start to a tuesday. >> it's bone dry. we have a fire weather watch statement in effect for the upper eastern shore, upper delaware and jersey. there's no rain other than a small chance of thunderstorms. this will be beautiful weather. 62 right now. 93% humidity. winds calm. barometer's up to 30.19. 63 oakland and elkton. 65 hagerstown. 71 packs river. 66 in easten. almost 70, kent island. 62 columbia. 63 westminster and bel air. you can see the big dome of high pressure. that's going to
book tomorrow. >> mark clayton is gone. >> mark is a great player. and good experience. and a tough football player. going to be five feet. get the extra yards. he's our type of guy. i know t.j. he's going to come in and be excited. >>> ravens play a week from tomorrow. and darrell vivas ends out with a four-year contract. 32 million guaranteed. rivas considered the top defensive player of the league. expected to be on the field tomorrow. should be on the field monday night. all of this leading up to the big game. this reminder, you can see the ravens and the jets. it's the season opener. our special pregame opener comes your way 6:30. 2010. >>> college football. maryland takes the home team. mids for years favored to take the underdog. opening possession. they built a 14-0 lead before the mids respond. andre bird with a 10-yard run in the second quarter. terps have regained the lead maryland up about six minutes to go in this one. >>> orioles on the road in yankees stadium. new york with the best record in baseball. o's coming in after two straight wins. >>> brianbrian matusz. wood
. there goes mark clayton. and again, when you make comments like you did a week ago and you come back this week, you got a big taring oat your back, this is what is going to happen. mike shanahan, kyle shanahan going back to the drawing board. this team is now 1-2. there are no moral victories in the nfl. a lot of people viewed that as i moral victory last week. not this week. not when you lose to the rams and after the players in the locker room not very happy about what happened. >> they did the job. they played well. we didn't step up and do the things we needed to do to win especially on the road. >> you have to be able to change the outcome. we found ourselves in a similar situation obviously the same as last week. you got to score. and field goals come back to helicopter you. we had opportunities again in that second half to get ourselves back in that red zone to score and we just didn't capitalize. >> that is exactly the point. there it is right there. when you are kicking too many field goals in the red scone, you can't do that t doesn't matter who you play. eventually, that
first quarter they put the rams on the board first. fired a seven yard score to mark clayton 7-0 st. louis. can you hear the teeth nashing in the raider nation. it got worse. jason campbell is still trying to find consistency with his new team late in the first half trailing 7-3. james butler head to the lockers trailing it. decided it who is time to make a change. bruce starts the second half at quarterback and provides the spark. put oakland in front for the first time 13-7. raiders clinging to a 16-7 late in the third quarter. and mclean put a pro wrestling move on him. that will give you 15 yards every time. moved the rams closer to the end-zone. bradford made it pay off when he extorted clayton. good coverage by francis. the rams chapel engined it. -- challenged it. 16-14 oakland. then the rams returned the favor with a 15-yard gift. he throws the ball away on the second play but fred robins comes over to dish out a little push well after the play. the raiders get the first down. and then keep the drive going as the rams never saw the ball again. 16-14 oakland. as the raiders e
it in for some back-to-school gadgets with clayton and dave. >> labor day officially marks the unofficial end of summer sadly enough. that means dave and i can't wear these bright suits anymore and it means kids are heading back to school, most of them tomorrow morning. i have some gadgets that will make any teen hit the books a little easier. middle school and high school kids. >> huge into the gadgets. >> you know what? these aren't gadgets for kids to play games while they're sitting there ignoring the teacher. these are gadgets that will connect the kids with their other friends but also connect with the family at home. >> and also play some games. >> and also play some games. here's the first one, dave, we spend so much money on the smart phones these days. this is a perfect messaging phone for middle school kids if you're thinking about getting a phone. this is the samsung smile. it's only $20 with the contract from t mobile. >> $20. >> it's a perfect messaging phone. you can jump on the web with the web to go feature. it has this slideout keyboard, full keyboard and most of the things
start with a "fox news alert," new video in from the west bank, israeli settlers hold a ceremony to mark the end of israel's moratorium on building settlements in the west bank. >> clayton: there goes the peace process. >> alisyn: and are pulling in construction equipment. eban expires at the end of the day, u.s. diplomats are working to try to save these peace talks, the palestinians threatened to pull out if israel resumes settlement building. well, a series of incidents in the skies to tell you about. a delta flight from seattle to amsterdam had to turn around shortly after take-off because of an unruly passenger and the passenger was taken to a medical facility, we are told and a delta flight from atlanta to westchester county, new york had to make an emergency landing at jfk airport, because of faulty landing gear. the plane landed safely but it was a a shower of sparks, we're told no one was hurt and yesterday's bomb scare on board a pakistani airlines flight from toronto to karachi was a hoax and police are investigating. another day, another bailout. this time federal regulators
're still here collecting evidence you can see those markers that marked the evidence. you can see a sheriff's officer is collecting that evidence multiple agencies are out here. concord police along with country has insurance. it is still close at clayton road even though this ppened around 2:30 a.m. one of the questions was what are they attempting to stop the suspects? apparently according to police officers he fit the description of a suspect that had worn out for his arrest for burglary. so that is what our originally initiated the stop once the stock was initiated he took off on foot the officers pursued at that point they say he drew a weapon and the both officers fired. he was transported to a local hospital condition is still unknown. >> thank you. darya. >> we want to get back to the standard of that fine explosion in the latest with that story we've been following this for a week. the big issue now is that they're focusing on is scams, their people looking to make money off of the victims of the fire or money for themselves from the fire when they were even of all kron4 is will tr
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